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Rachel Cohen

Noemi Pérez Emphasis

Today I just want to show three more detail photos taken from Noemi Pérez's large scale murals Catatumbo Panorama. The works were made in 2012-2016, and in 2018, and were shown together at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago as part of their Routes and Territories exhibition, which is set to close in two days, on April 19, 2020, although it is already closed.

In this one, you can see how a cloud of charcoal seems to hover, and interfere, to be the closest thing to you, but the vegetation doesn't exactly recede, some leaves seem to reach around the cloud.

In this area, the emphasis has been given to the vegetation, and yet the penciled figures matter a lot. Scale and material are in a strange kind of flux, and I can think about that looking at these two photographs.