Rachel Cohen

The Frederick Project

van der Ast

Balthasar van der Ast, Dutch, 1593 or 1594-1657, Oil on Panel, Private Collection, photographed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, by Rachel Cohen.  

The Frederick Project is a daily notebook of entries based on photographs taken in museums, galleries, and in public places over the last nine years. While many of these places are closed because of the pandemic, I hope to offer a quiet, reflective space for artistic experience. Clicking on either 'The Frederick Project' above the daily picture or on 'Entries' will take you to the complete list, currently 62 entries.

I am grateful for a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation which supported me during two key years of research.
Thanks to Slabmedia and Elina Mer for work on this site. And to Fatema Ahmed of Apollo Magazine for sending me to see many paintings.