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Rachel Cohen

Lawrence Weschler Symposium in McSweeney's No.44

I've edited a symposium in tribute to the wonderful work of Lawrence Weschler, author of Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder, and Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing That One Sees, and Everything That Rises.  The symposium appears as part of McSweeney's issue 44, and is to be published September 20, 2013.  

Here is McSweeney's description of the issue:

With a stunning set of stories from some of the finest writers toiling away today—including breathtaking new work from Rebecca Curtis, Stuart Dybek, and Jim Shepard, and the Southeast Asian prison novella the world has been waiting for, from Mr. Wells Tower—and an all-hands-on-deck appraisal of one of the most keen-eyed cultural commentators of our time, with contributions from Rachel Cohen, Errol Morris, Geoff Dyer, David Hockney, Jonathan Lethem, Ricky Jay, and many, many more, McSweeney's 44 offers one of our best assemblages yet. We even found some very nice leatherette, to wrap around it. Don't miss this one!